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Retail for Strathmore Square

Picture this...A local bakery opens a small store with prepared meals to pick up on the way home from the Metro. A local artist opens a small gallery. A frozen yogurt shop serves customers during the busiest times.

Experience shows us that the neighborhood surrounding the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro cannot support traditional retail. But our neighbors have told us that retail is important at Strathmore Square. That led us to create an innovative way to bring retail to the community.

We will build small spaces that are move-in ready for small local retailers. To keep their costs down, the stores would only need to be open during the busiest times of day and leases would be short-term. This approach gives our neighbors the retail they want, while also making it viable for small businesses.

This is our latest thinking on how to bring sustainable retail to Strathmore Square.

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