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  • Strathmore Square plans feature a gathering place at the center of the site for the neighborhood and the existing communities nearby so that Strathmore Square can become an active gathering place for everyone. Our vision for the Civic Green would provide the potential for bistros, small retail amenities and classrooms that open into the square.

  • Strathmore Square will feature about 1.5 acres of neighborhood park space. Our vision for the park would feature open green space, active recreation space, trees and native landscaping and places to sit and relax. Less than a quarter-mile south is Rock Creek Park.

  • Strathmore Square will feature a network of connected paths that provide a pleasant walking experience between Strathmore and the Metro.

  • Strathmore Square will feature sensitive design that creates active, usable green spaces for residents and pedestrians, such as a village green, green buffers, beautiful streetscapes.

  • The entire site will be designed to meet the LEED Neighborhood Design Silver level or equivalent program standards, and buildings will incorporate sustainable features.

  • Strathmore Square will incorporate newer methods for environmental site design throughout the community, such as biofiltration, permeable surface and bioswales over the entire property. Native species will be emphasized for plantings in open spaces.

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